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Individual Workshops

Individual workshops are unique in that you get my undivided time and attention to devote 100% of my knowledge and resources in the targeting of your specific learning goals.  Students most often come to me with specific questions and slightly more vague goals that usually involve learning a specific genre of photography to a higher degree.   

Sometimes we get total beginners or aspiring hobbyists who have a passion for photography and have decided now is the time to learn whatever is necessary to accomplish their goals.  I’ve had students who are about to set out on an around the world once in a lifetime journey and want to photographically document their trip to the best of their abilities, and other students who have been involved with photography for decades and for whatever reasons have decided that now is the time to hone a certain type of photography.  This can be motivated by the purchase of newer advanced cameras, or a family vacation where they’ll have a chance to focus on a specific type of photography. 

Whatever your personal reasons I’ll be honored to help you meet your goals.  For individual instruction we’ll usually chat a bit on the phone or via email about your personal needs and I’ll note which camera system and gear you’ll be using, your specific goals, and I’ll ask you enough question to ascertain your general skill levels.  With that information I can recommend how many sessions(days) it normally takes to cover the targeted material and achieve the desired level of proficiency and with that information we can schedule your individual workshops to coincide with your travel plans.  During the initial part of the first day we’ll cover your objectives and current skill levels in depth and solidify our plans for the remaining time.  Flexibility is key, if more time is needed on a certain area then we’ll modify our schedule to accommodate your priorities. It’s not unusual to schedule more or less days to ensure a student is best served.

Group Workshops

Group instruction will be much the same, but instead of trying to meet just one persons objectives we’ll have a theme, for instance, general or intermediate photography landscape or street photography.  Some group tours will be scheduled around a certain set of local attractions, and others will be left open.  Soon I’ll be scheduling workshops to take place in Siem Reap Cambodia an hour flight from Bangkok where I’ll lead you to the most popular views of the spiritual Angkor Vat and help you take the best pictures at the best time of day.

Another workshop planned will be a luxury cruise up the Chao Praya on refurbished rice barges that offer personal luxury and fine dining equivalent to the best 5 star hotels while making scheduled stops at rarely accessed temples and historical sites along the way.   As we grow more different and exciting “special” tours of this type will be scheduled while continuing to meet the demand for general photography skill growth at easily accessed local attractions.  If you have any desires please ask, group workshops are scheduled around the demand of our customers.

Due to the current economy regular group workshops will no longer be scheduled in advance.   If you have a group of 2 or more individuals please email/call us and we'll schedule you at your convenience.


All instruction will follow the same basic philosophy of targeted instruction to meet the needs of the individual student.   In today’s digital age computer instruction and post processing demands an almost equal amount of time and we maintain professionally configured and maintained high end laptop computers configured with the most popular software.  Currently this would be Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop Creative Suite We’ll cover software selection and installation, color profiling, RAW file processing, common photoshop techniques unique to the photography area we’re covering, and even printing and any other related needs.

While not necessary, we accommodate students who wish to bring their own laptops and software with them to ensure proper configuration and use.  We can’t over emphasize how important the computer skills are in obtaining the best from your photography.  My teaching experiences (described in the “About” section) allow me to help the student visualize the mechanical aspects of their camera and the science of the art For instance when we talk about “stopping down a lens” you’ll be able to clearly visualize a standard lens, and see it’s aperture grow physically smaller in relation to the fstop numbers you’re setting on your camera body.

Every theory, every practice, will be covered visually using either your personal gear or real camera components I provide as models for visualization.  You’ll see a shutter operate, an aperture stop down, and the mirrors position an image in your viewfinder.   No matter which camera you buy in the future, these basics will remain the same and you’ll be able to visualize what each camera setting is doing and why you’re making that setting in real time as you set up your shot ; It’s easy to learn a certain camera, but it takes only a bit more time to teach you the basics so in the future you can pick up the newest camera and transfer your skills and visualizations into it’s instant operation and photographic success.

Focus will be on the students learning what they’ve come to learn.  With that said we’ll do our best to ensure you have a fun and exciting experience learning and working at some of Thailand’s most popular tourist attractions. Common destinations are the Grand Palace, Night Markets, the famous Floating Market, the temples of Ayutthaya, and more. 

Classes will never exceed five students in order to ensure an adequate amount of one on one instruction even in group situations.   We’ll always have an assistant available to help as necessary even with individual instruction, but if the groups fill up towards our maximum number we’ll often invite a guest instructor from the local area to provide even more one on one instruction. “Group” instruction merely means we’ll share the same venues, transportation, and some of the goals, however the same one on one individualized instruction levels will be maintained.

My promise to you is that I’m there to help you meet your goals.  I’m not there to take my own pictures or sit around as you struggle through each process.  You’ll have my undivided attention throughout the day which will often involve specific assignments to build targeted skills, I’ll bring you to specific areas and help you “see”  what to shoot and how to set up your camera for the best image, and perhaps most importantly.. you’ll remember what I teach you.  I constantly reinforce what I teach, and you’ll often hear me say “you’ll see this again” and you will see it again and again.  You’ll repeat certain exercises and skills as many times as necessary to be able to visualize and apply the knowledge on your own.  I will always be there and you will remember what I teach No specific type of camera is required to take our workshops.

Most people are using digital DSLR’s but we welcome those with film cameras and even cameras from the “point and shoot” genre.  I strongly believe the image is made by the photographer and the gear is only there to help us capture the image.  However, certain types of equipment do make the photographer’s job easier.  As a professional photographer I own many types of camera bodies and lenses, and if the student has a goal or thinks they might need a certain type of gear then I’ll bring my own personal gear into the field for them to try out.   

This gives the students a chance to “test drive” a professional camera body before spending $5000-$8000, or a portrait lens before spending $1700, or a high end zoom before spending $2000.  I own most of the popular mid-grade and high-end Canon lenses and bodies and I make them available to help meet your goals.  Keep in mind I don’t “loan” cameras for the workshops, you must bring your own camera.  However, I do make available a vast selection of professional equipment to help you select the proper gear for your needs and gain experience on that equipment.  

If you have needs that haven’t been discussed above, please contact me.  I’ve arranged many types of photography from special night shoots, to professional sports coverage, to individual model shoots for the “fine art” genre.    We have fun, but we work hard.  Thailand is a high energy environment and we’ll have plenty of time to ‘chat’ and discuss photography during the course of transportation, but when we get on site we get serious and work hard and learn what we came to learn . I hope to be of service to you.

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