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Looking Beyond
11/27/2010 7:00 PM By  anonymous  

Lately I’ve noticed many of you lambasting yourselves over critical focus and I worry I’ve over emphasized the subject. Certainly an image is more interesting if sharp and detailed, even if the subject is plain boring. However, you need to keep things in perspective.


Elements Of A Composition
11/20/2010 7:00 PM By  anonymous  

It was a terribly hot and sunny morning at Safari World.  No color, no clarity, the air was so dirty you could cut it with a knife.  The sky was hot white, and the air so still the mozzies could control their flight.  What a rotten day I was thinking.


Equipment Or Technique?
11/6/2010 7:00 PM By  anonymous  

There is no doubt that at a certain level equipment elevates image quality.  However, I think you’d be surprised with how far off that level really is and how great your images can be with your simple point and shoot compact if you just employ a bit of technique and take a bit of time to practice.

  1. Re: Pay Attention

    Have to say this the last subject I expected to say anything about on a photographic web site! I've seen...


  2. Re: Pay Attention

    Interesting observations and a good bit of knowledge about the bleach. I thought bleach killed everything...


  3. Re: Pay Attention

    Black mold is certainly a problem ...not just in Asia (so is white mold during the rainy season here...


  4. Re: Sepia Toning

    Technikall - I must say the "preventing more' comment was mostly tongue in cheek,really all I could...


  5. Re: Sepia Toning

    I'm affraid your article will prevent nothing, and really why should it. I happen to be one who has worked...


  6. Re: Pay Attention

    Yea, ice machines can be pretty scary. When I read the health inspection reports here in the US the ...


  7. Re: Biker Bart Pulls it Off!

    Small things add up.. often without realizing it. The soft focus on the girl, the clipped from wheel...


  8. Re: A Photographers Moral and Ethical Responsibilities

    There are two birds here. One is severely deformed throughout the cranial cavity. The other bird is...


  9. Re: A Photographers Moral and Ethical Responsibilities

    Only one photo of two birds here - that bird doesn't look too deformed.I would have thouhgt it to be...


  10. Re: Biker Bart Pulls it Off!

    Well - I thought I was being effective as I purposely set up the shot using available light.I was not...


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