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18 Jun 2010 06:00 AM  
I've always been somewhat intrigued with panoramics and over the course of the next few months I plan on exploring them more.

On the web you can never count on what you see.. far too many people take a single shot, crop it heavily on the top/bottom, and pass it off as a pano. A real pano is a number of carefully captured images stitched together in post. This takes time, a special head on your tripod, and a fair amount of effort. So imagine my surprise when one of the shooting modes on my new Sony NEX-5 was labeled "Sweep Panarama."

Reading the manual it stated that in this mode the camera makes a series of captures, stitches them together, and stores a single image. I mostly figured this was more a gimmick, they were somehow making these panos are reduced resolutions, only in jpegs, etc.. So I tried it.

I put the NEX-5 in Pano mode and pressed the shutter and quickly rotated the camera. It takes a bit of practice because you must turn the camera fast, but not too fast. And you have to keep it on a reasonably level plane though there seems to be enough give to do this easily handheld. I made a few and the camera saved them. The few I made were indoors at high ISO so pardon the lack of technical quality. I can't wait to try this outside on a decent scene. All auto modes work, manual mode works, raw capture works..

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