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Nexus 7
Last Post 11 Jan 2013 04:57 PM by BkkSteve. 1 Replies.
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11 Jan 2013 04:10 AM  
However, chances are the average person on the street doesn’t care for these details – instead, it’s the snappiness and response of the experience which stands out. For this, the Nvidia Tegra 3 delivers in spades. Combined with Android 4.1, known as [Jelly Bean], which has a slew of improvements which increase everyday performance. As one who has spent eternities tweaking previous Android devices for additional speed and responsiveness, I was shocked at just how quickly and seamlessly everything was, right out of the box – making my Galaxy Nexus 7 tablet 7 inch also running 4.1 look positively pedestrian. Touches are electrifyingly responsive and loading times are nearly non-existent. Even playing intensive games, the 1.3ghz quad-core Tegra3 powers through it all – be sure to check out the [Tegra HD a 10 inch tablets]] optimised titles. This little underdog can proudly stand up there and trade punches with the best. When you’re not killing zombies, unused CPU cores take themselves offline to conserve power.
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11 Jan 2013 04:57 PM  
Tony - Are you into tablets? I love the technology and feel the attraction, but find myself unable to get into them for anything production in nature.. it's all consumption. I find an ultrabook like the Asus x31e for, under 3 pounds, 13.3" 1600x900 screen, SSD, i5 CPiU., 4gigs of RAM, and 8-9 hours of mattery life for $860 very appealing instead. It comes with something to hold the monitor, a real keyboard, and 13.3" in an "Air" type package is very liberating. I can't think of a use, a personal use anyway, where I wouldn't prefer this over a tablet.

On the splurging side.. my Lenovo x201s, mispec for dust/water/vibration, i7 cpu, 8gigs of RAM, 1440x900 matte IPS screen, 256gb SATA3 SSD, all in a rather ugly 2.4 pounds (1.1kg) to be the best of all worlds if money isn't a consideration. These are very hard to find now, a special run for the military that never made it to the Lenovo site.. but almost 3 years later I'm still loving mine. I can't find a new model with Ivy Bridge I like better. With the extended battery and SSD I can watch nearly 10 hours of video/movies on a long flight. It's small, tough as nails, and has great connectivity.. I'll probably buy a W530 workstation next month, but I keep hoping for a Ivy Bridge replacement for the x201s.
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