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Monitor calibration pucks
Last Post 19 Jul 2010 04:12 PM by . 2 Replies.
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Rod CUser is Offline

19 Jul 2010 03:08 AM  
Reading other forums there seems to be three Monitor Calibration Pucks that are worth buying.
Pantone Huey Pro
Spyder 3 Pro
X-Rite i 1 Display 2
The Spyder 3 Pro seems to be the most popular.
Just wanted to know what other people are using & what they would recommend.
Sunny ValentineUser is Offline

19 Jul 2010 03:16 AM  
Using Colormunki now for more than One Year, and am very pleased with it. The gret thing is, it also calibrates your printer, which I found essential.
BkkSteveUser is Offline

19 Jul 2010 04:12 PM  
Rod -

What colorimeter (or spectrometer) you choose is highly dependent on which monitors you end up going with.

If you don't own a puck now, and you're still planning on going with the NEC's, then for 100% sure you'll want NEC's SVII software and their wide-gamut puck. The NEC wide-gamut puck is a bespoke design just for the NEC monitors, specially made for NEC by Xrite. They have special internal filters and have been calibrated to work with the NEC Spectraview series monitors.

Also, the SVII software.. is the ONLY choice for the NEC monitors because it's the only software that allows you to access the NEC's internal hardware LUT via the DDC channel. 100% of NEC spectraview users will tell you to use the SVII software.

Now.. in the SVII instruction book it lists a number of pucks that are "recommended", the Sypder 3 you mentioned is one, the color Munki is another, and the standard xrite 1id2 another. However, I have three of the recommended pucks.. and in a closed system (from image processing to printing with your own printer) either will work. However, if you're going out of house for your prints, sending CYMK to clients, or running two monitors side by side.. and its important to you that they match.. then the NEC wide gamut colorimeter is the one to get without question.k

It is true the Color Munki will help create really nice printer profiles. However, every major paper manufacturer will provide profiles for your printer for free.. and they're universally very good... well within the realm of making them perfect with very minor adjustments. So while he Color Munki is a very nice instrument with many capabilities.. it's not the best choice for NEC wide gamut monitors and it's also very expensive compared to the rest.. I'll probably get one for helping profile my scanner and some other devices.. but not for my monitor.

I hope this helps. Now.. if you go with other monitors.. disregard all of the above..
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