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Steve's Musings

What is a Color Gamut, Welcome Home Old Friends!
3/28/2009 4:49 PM By  anonymous  

LCD monitors age. They'll also eventually require repairs. I've had trials with mine and soon they'll need to be replaced.


Random Acts of Kindness?
3/21/2009 8:04 PM By  anonymous  

Many will tell you the Thai's are only out to cheat you. Let me give you some examples of their kindness I've personally witnessed..


A Trip With Friends
3/14/2009 6:31 PM By  anonymous  

A trip with friends resulted in as many different galleries. Some were afraid to share..


The Audacity of it All
3/7/2009 6:58 PM By  anonymous  

Does a camera a photographer make? No more than a pencil does a writer make..

  1. Re: THIS Is Thailand!

    " . . . ultimately we’re all here because the good (as we individually rate it) outweighs the bad." ...


  2. Re: Racism Among Expats

    Politically correct text like the above is always beyond debate but I pray that no one will ever take...


  3. Re: Lolita Scourge..

    How lethal can this subject be? Sometimes you do not even need to be holding a camera or taking a picture...


  4. Re: What Would Have Prevented The Sandy Hook, CT School Shootings?

    Mike, we may not have had any mass murders like Port Arthur, but I think even you would have to admit...


  5. Re: Yanhee General Hospital Visit

    hi im mark peter maddara im a registered nurse in philippines iwant to work in your country i have a...


  6. Re: What Would Have Prevented The Sandy Hook, CT School Shootings?

    Hi Mike - It's a tough topic that requires an open mind and tons of education. Here's some things to...


  7. Re: What Would Have Prevented The Sandy Hook, CT School Shootings?

    Steve, but you are way off the mark if you think allowing more people to carry concealed weapons will...

    --Mike N

  8. Re: Expectations USA Realized

    Interesting stuff. I remember on our last trip to China my wife and I discussed possibly moving there...


  9. Re: The Psychology of “Reconditioned.”

    I've always tried to buy what makes the most fiscal sense. Sometimes that's new, sometimes used, and...


  10. Re: The Psychology of “Reconditioned.”

    Regarding the issue of 'reconditioned'. I am the product of parents who went through the Depression...


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