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Steve's Musings

Thai-Falang Board
8/13/2011 11:50 AM By  anonymous  

I’m about to tell you about one Thailand centric forum many have found priceless, and most have found comfortable. The Thai-Falang Board.


In Defense of L’Oreal
7/31/2011 11:20 AM By  anonymous  
We shouldn't let our idealism strip us of our rights by allowing such powerful oversight in our work. Idealism is great. But it's not reality either. Maybe less so than a wrinkle-free Julia Roberts. Don't ban the advertisement.


The Storyteller
7/30/2011 11:50 AM By  anonymous  

Travel and exposure to different cultures is a gift, a gift best shared freely and with enthusiasm. A gift which can truly change someone’s life.


4 Months In A (large) Nutshell
7/23/2011 11:50 AM By  anonymous  

It was a long hard move every step of the way. Much went wrong, but most went right. We continue to live and learn.


Class of 2011
5/30/2011 8:43 PM By  anonymous  

But what really impressed me was your closeness, your focus on each other as you defined your own family within an institution, and your acceptance of each other as equals despite the traditional practices which tend more to segregate than their intended purpose to recognize.


Expectations USA
4/15/2011 8:59 PM By  anonymous  

With all that said, I expect overall quality of life to be better in the USA FOR ME. We’ll see. But how about you?


Perfect Camera?
4/4/2011 1:26 PM By  anonymous  

Photography ultimately is about recording memories and your life might require more than a single “Perfect Camera.”


Does Equipment Matter
4/1/2011 7:46 PM By  anonymous  

Better to ask "Define your vision and submit your equation."


The Future
3/26/2011 8:00 AM By  anonymous  

I’ve reached the point in my preparations for moving where I no longer have time to complete a full column. Within 30 days I’ll be boarding a plane for America.


A New Beginning
3/19/2011 7:00 PM By  anonymous  
I’m moving back to the states.

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    " . . . ultimately we’re all here because the good (as we individually rate it) outweighs the bad." ...


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    Politically correct text like the above is always beyond debate but I pray that no one will ever take...


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    How lethal can this subject be? Sometimes you do not even need to be holding a camera or taking a picture...


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    Mike, we may not have had any mass murders like Port Arthur, but I think even you would have to admit...


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    hi im mark peter maddara im a registered nurse in philippines iwant to work in your country i have a...


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    Hi Mike - It's a tough topic that requires an open mind and tons of education. Here's some things to...


  7. Re: What Would Have Prevented The Sandy Hook, CT School Shootings?

    Steve, but you are way off the mark if you think allowing more people to carry concealed weapons will...

    --Mike N

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    Interesting stuff. I remember on our last trip to China my wife and I discussed possibly moving there...


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    I've always tried to buy what makes the most fiscal sense. Sometimes that's new, sometimes used, and...


  10. Re: The Psychology of “Reconditioned.”

    Regarding the issue of 'reconditioned'. I am the product of parents who went through the Depression...


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