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Exploring Rural Ang Thong
3/13/2010 2:33 PM By  anonymous  

In search of the elusive 'different' photograph most tourists will never find..


The Mechanics of a Portrait
3/6/2010 2:36 PM By  anonymous  

David had learned well. In just a few days of workshops he became skilled at working the model and capturing great portraits!


Often, You Must Look Closer To See..
2/27/2010 2:39 PM By  anonymous  

A world of their own hidden in plain view.. A "Home Tree?"


Capturing Motion in Bangkok
2/20/2010 2:51 PM By  anonymous  

The nights in Bangkok reveal all types of interesting things in motion. Isolating your subject is a challenge..


“Grabbing” a Great Shot While On The Run..
2/13/2010 2:52 PM By  anonymous  

Whizzing by in a car at about 30kph I see the shot, but can I grab it before its gone..


Seeing The Image BEFORE Capture..
2/6/2010 2:56 PM By  anonymous  

A talented photographer will study a scene and visualize the composition before even picking up the camera..


Using Light To Shape Composition
1/30/2010 3:00 PM By  anonymous  

We compare how hard light and shadows help shape our compositions..


Photography Should be Fun!
1/23/2010 3:05 PM By  anonymous  

Watching the wife chase the parrots around with a camera reminded me just how fun photography should be..


Mae La Still Haunts Me
1/16/2010 11:05 PM By  anonymous  

I've spent a lot of time recently in Mae Sot and along the Burma border in and around the refugee camps. It's a life experience without a doubt..


A Topical Nightlife Composition
1/9/2010 3:09 PM By  anonymous  

Stick outdid himself with this perfect example of a nightlife composition..

  1. Re: Pay Attention

    Have to say this the last subject I expected to say anything about on a photographic web site! I've seen...


  2. Re: Pay Attention

    Interesting observations and a good bit of knowledge about the bleach. I thought bleach killed everything...


  3. Re: Pay Attention

    Black mold is certainly a problem ...not just in Asia (so is white mold during the rainy season here...


  4. Re: Sepia Toning

    Technikall - I must say the "preventing more' comment was mostly tongue in cheek,really all I could...


  5. Re: Sepia Toning

    I'm affraid your article will prevent nothing, and really why should it. I happen to be one who has worked...


  6. Re: Pay Attention

    Yea, ice machines can be pretty scary. When I read the health inspection reports here in the US the ...


  7. Re: Biker Bart Pulls it Off!

    Small things add up.. often without realizing it. The soft focus on the girl, the clipped from wheel...


  8. Re: A Photographers Moral and Ethical Responsibilities

    There are two birds here. One is severely deformed throughout the cranial cavity. The other bird is...


  9. Re: A Photographers Moral and Ethical Responsibilities

    Only one photo of two birds here - that bird doesn't look too deformed.I would have thouhgt it to be...


  10. Re: Biker Bart Pulls it Off!

    Well - I thought I was being effective as I purposely set up the shot using available light.I was not...


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